The Sustainability and Environmental Policy Statement of

The Sustainability and Environmental Policy Statement of

Napoleon Floors

Established in 2020 and based in Cardiff, Napoleon Floors supply extensive, bespoke range of floor coverings. Our supplies include engineered woods, luxury vinyl tiles, laminate flooring, specially made wall panels, carpets, and tiles.

We also supply commercial floors such as grass carpets, sheet vinyl flooring used in hospitals, schools, and wet areas (Safety floor), WPC – wood and plastic composite boards and SPC – stone and plastic composite boards for commercial and residential use.

We are a responsible organisation that is committed to protecting the environment, ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation and continually minimising its environmental impact as much as is reasonably practicable.

We support the Welsh Government’s objectives outlined in The Well Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

We consider our main environmental impacts to include carbon emissions from the use of transport, packaging materials, waste materials such as off-cuts and energy consumption.

To minimise our impacts, we carefully plan our journeys to reduce transport emissions and will purchase fuel efficient, low emission vehicles. We seek to reuse and recycle all of our waste materials rather than landfill and planning energy efficiency measures for our office and showroom.

We are committed to the following:

  • The protection of the environment.
  • Compliance with environmental legislation and approved codes of practice that are relevant to Napoleon Floors
  • Setting targets for continual improvements of our environmental performance.
  • Actively promoting the waste hierarchy treatment of reduce, reuse and recycling and to ensure the safe disposal of waste where reuse or recycling is not viable.
  • Continual monitoring and reviewing of our environmental impacts.
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues with all employees of Napoleon Floors
  • Communicating the environmental aims and objectives to all staff and stakeholders.

Signed: Nathan Poleon

Nathan Poleon


Date: 25/10/2020 Next review date: 24/10/2021